Payment solutions

Fortus Care supports most payment methods available. The advantage is that you only need one contact for it to work.


Payment Terminal

Our payment terminal is fully mobile, which means that you can work with the terminal stationary in the clinic or wherever the paying customer is located.

The terminal is equipped with an integrated receipt printer and 4G. You do not need to make any configurations to the terminal when you unpack the terminal from the box.



You can send direct invoices to your customer via Fortus Care, you get a full guaranteed payment on all approved invoices.


Part payment

With Fortus Care you can offer your customers to split up their payments. You get a guaranteed full payment, and do not have to wait for the customer to make their payments.

Interest free: 12 months
With interest: 36 months


Treatment Account

For the patients who have regular treatments you can offer a treatment account. This account provides the customer with an available credit space able to be used exclusively at the clinic. All payments with the treatment account are paid by Fortus Finance to the clinic. Fortus Finance takes over the payment risk.

Mobile Payment

Fortus Care – Mobile is included with the integration to your system and is is pre-integrated with the payment terminal. It allows for the affiliated clinics to charge patients via mobile. The patients can pay via card, swish, invoice, and part-payment.

By working with mobile payment, clinics spends less time on payment and have more time for patients. All payments are easy to track in the system.


Self Service

We understand the importance of a smooth payment process. Fortus Self-Service enables the patient to pay directly at check-out. The patient has the option of choosing between several convenient payment methods: card, Swish, invoice or partial payment. This way, the clinic can focus on what really matters most – the patients’ health.

No Shows

For many clinics it’s a lot of work and a large cost when patients do not show up to their appointments. With Fortus Care you can charge your customers remotely via our mobile payment system. The customer receives information on why they’ve received the mobile payment and can choose to pay it via card or invoice.

If the customer calls and you agree that they should not pay for the missed appointment, you can easily remove the payment by the press of a button.