Tailored for medical records & system suppliers in healthcare

With our solution, you have a partner who can handle everything in payments local and international. You and your clinics won’t have to call several different companies when a problem arise. With us you have one partner and one contact number for everything involving payment.

The old integration method

This is what it usually looks like with integrations for system vendors, and each integration means a new company for you or the clinic to call if you need to make changes, or if an issue arise.

  • Several integrations
  • Expensive upkeep
  • Convoluted troubleshooting

With Fortus Care

With Fortus Care you have a partner who can offer complete integration with everything from patient address maintenance to payment terminals.

  • One integration
  • Fortus handles upkeep
  • One contact 

Included WITH Fortus Care

Patient address maintenance

We can automatically reconcile the customer’s registered information with the population registers. This means that the clinics do not have to manually update every address when something is changed.

Automatic reconciliation of ledgers

With our system, we can automatically reconcile the ledgers via all payment methods, regardless of whether it is via card terminal or mobile payment. If your system already has account receivable, we can easily connect it to our system. If your system lacks this, we can provide a cloud-based POS that we connect to the system.